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User Agreement

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These Terms and Conditions of Use apply to you as the “Supporter” who intends to utilise Hudya Group AS’ services.

1 – Service

By registering as a Supporter with Hudya you will be the first person to receive information about the latest developments and newest services offered by Hudya. You will become part of a team that intends to eliminate all unnecessary costs, disruptions to productivity when dealing with services offered to the private sector/private economies, such as electricity, cell phones, residential alarms and banking services. Hudya is collaborating with our Supporters to simplify these services and give our Supporters their money’s worth (Service). Hudya’s Supporters consist of private households and small or medium-sized businesses.

We base this collaboration on a modern digitalised platform that cuts out intermediaries between the product and the Supporter himself. Hudya aims to eliminate the need for personnel and managerial staff when offering its services within electric power, finance, residential alarm, smart home and telecom sectors. Our Supporters should be paying for what they need and what they get, not paying the cost of advertising campaigns, employees who are not part of value creation, hidden price mark-ups and super profits for shareholders and owners.

Hudya is an innovative market operator unlike any other. We base our ideas on the concept of Peer-to-Peer Interaction and a two-sided collaborative platform that only offers our Supporters the services they NEED.

Hudya is watching out for its Supporters. Our Supporters are part of our development team. They help Hudya improve the services it offers by acting as true Co-creators.

2 – How to Register with Us

You need to register with us as a Hudya Supporter before being permitted to use our services. All the information you provide on the registration form must be correct, and you are responsible for keeping this information up-to-date. You can change any of this information at any time by contacting Hudya by email: kundeservice@hudya.no.

Only natural persons who have reached the age of [18] can use our Services. Minors may use our Services with a parent’s consent.

3 – Cancelling a Service

The Supporter can cancel a Hudya service at any time. The cancellation notice must be sent directly to Hudya by email or using one of Hudya’s platforms. Please be aware that it can take up to [1 month] before the cancellation takes effect.

4 – Valid use

The Supporter is responsible for ensuring the proper use of the Services according to our User Agreement and according to any terms set by third-party suppliers, as well as relevant laws and regulations and generally accepted norms for proper conduct.

A Supporter who uses a Service in a way that violates or conflicts with our User Agreement or terms set by a third-party supplier or if Hudya has reasonable grounds to believe that such a violation has taken place, Hudya reserves the right to suspend the Service immediately until the situation is rectified.

Hudya is not liable for any consequences that result from the Supporter’s misuse of a product/service.

5 – Service Availability

Hudya’s platforms may become unavailable from time to time due to system maintenance or other causes. Hudya will inform the Supporter as soon as possible with information about the limits to availability. However, Hudya is under no circumstance liable for any consequences or harm the Supporter may suffer when a platform becomes unavailable.

6 – Changes to Products and Services

Hudya may decide to remove all or part of a Service at any time and without warning or replace a Service with other services. In such cases, Hudya reserves the right to terminate a customer relationship after sending the Supporter a written notification of termination. This information can come as an email that is sent to the email address Hudya has registered for the Supporter, or by other means.

7 – Liability

The service platforms and communications that Hudya sends to the Supporter may often contain links or references to third-party documents/content. Under no circumstances is Hudya or any of Hudya’s representatives responsible for any loss suffered by the Supporter due to that stated in third-party documents/content.

Hudya is not liable for any loss on earnings or income or other indirect losses or consequential damage that may arise from lacks or deficiencies to the services provided by Hudya, unless Hudya or any of its representatives has acted with wilful or gross negligence.

8 – Intellectual Property Rights

Hudya and/or its license holders shall retain all intellectual property rights to the text, images, design and any other content, material and information that is available to the Supporter through the use of these services.

9 – Personal Data

Hudya requires personal data about the Supporter as part of its work to offer and deliver our services. Hudya will treat this information (personal data) as confidential and according to the Norwegian Personal Data Act and appurtenant Regulations. The manner in which Hudya gathers, handles and uses this information is described on our Data Protection Declaration form. The Data Protection Declaration is available here.

10 – Marketing

By signing an agreement with Hudya, the Supporter agrees to receive marketing information related to our services (in the form of newsletters, emails, SMSes etc.). The Supporter’s acceptance to receive marketing information from Hudya is also considered consent to receive marketing information from any of Hudya’s subsidiaries or other companies in the Hudya Group, present and future. This will include marketing about services/offers from our suppliers if the products and/or services are offered by any of the companies in the Hudya Group. Consent can be withdrawn for any of the services offered by or via Hudya as described above, or a selection of these. You may withdraw consent at any time, in whole or part, by sending an email to kundeservice@hudya.no.

11 – Electronic Communication

Hudya will send information about the Service (including invoices, changes to password or means of payment, notifications of confirmation) in electronic form, such as by email, using the email address that we have on file for the Supporter.

12 – Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use

Hudya will occasionally make changes to these terms and conditions. An updated version of Hudya’s User Agreement will always be available on internet, on Hudya’s website. The Supporter is encouraged to visit our webpage occasionally to read any updates or changes to these terms. Hudya will notify the Supporter when these terms or conditions change whenever the change requires the Supporter’s consent.

By using the Service, the Supporter agrees to electronic communication, notification and publication of any revisions and changes to these Terms and Conditions on our webpages, and agrees that the electronic notification or publication of revised versions of webpages are valid as a notification of said changes.

13 – Conveyance

The Supporter understands that its agreement with Hudya may be transferred, in whole or part, to another company owned by the Hudya Group AS or to a third-party upon the sale or transfer of assets or enterprises that offer the Services, without requiring the Supporter’s consent.

14 – Settlement of Disputes

The parties’ rights and obligations pursuant to this Agreement are entirely subject to Norwegian law.
Disputes related to the User Agreement or to Services themselves can be brought before the Oslo District Court as the legal venue for resolving disputes, unless another legal venue is determined by legal means or subject to legislation.

15 – Contact Us

Hudya Group AS
Org. nr. 916 845 782
Henrik Ibsens gate 100
0255 Oslo