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Welcome to Hudya!

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Welcome to Hudya

Hudya acquired Telipol’s mobile customers December 1st, 2018.

Everything stays the same

Your subscription and service remain unchanged. You have got the same prices and terms, SIM card and Telenor coverage.

  1. Hudya customer service

Customer service is available for you Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 16 PM. That is 15 hours more service per week than before.


Opening hours Easter 2019:

-Monday April 15.th to Wednesday April 17.th:  08.00 AM – 16.00 PM.

– Thursday April 18.th to Monday April 22.th: Closed


Below we’ve answered frequently asked questions regarding the acquisition and transfer to Hudya.

NB! This FAQ only counts for customers transferred from Telipol. Click here for FAQ for Hudya Mobile customers.

All you need to know

Hudya acquired Telipol’s customers December 1st in 2018.

You can order your Telipol subscription at telipol.no.

No, there is no alert when you have spent your 500 minutes calling abroad package. You can always track your usage at Min side at telipol.no.

You will be charged for over usage if you use more data than included in your subscription and do not buy additional data.

We send an SMS when you have spent 80% of your included data, and you are also offered to buy more data by SMS.

If you continue browsing without buying more data, you will be charged for over usage when you have reached 100% of the included data. After that the speed is reduced to 40 kbps after using up to 1 GB. Price for over-consumption is NOK 1.99 per MB and the maximum price is NOK 399,-.

You can enable Data Control to gain full control of your data usage. Once you have spent your included data, the speed is set to just 40kbps and you will not be billed for overuse. If you want more data, you can order it easily via SMS.

You can even activate data control on https://minside.telipol.no/, and we can also do it for you if you wish.

Another option is to upgrade your subscription to one with more data included if you have a continuos need for more data.

Have you received a SMS from Telenor from no. 1999 that you are close to the limit for data usage abroad?

Here is why:

Telenor send all network users a warning by SMS when they are close to the default limit for data usage abroad.

The limit is set to NOK 500,- and is a safety limit for all customers to prevent escalating usage and costs that you are not aware of.

Telenor do not know that you have bought a data package from us. Hence, you must send Fortsett utland to 1999 to be able to use any further data, ie. your data package.

Tips: Monitor your usage at Min side at telipol.no som you can stop using further data when the package is spent.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not support My Hudya as any other browser does. We’re working to solve this problem.

Please try to login to My Hudya using another browser, such as or Chrome  download at https://www.google.com/chrome/  or Firefox  download at https://www.mozilla.org/nb-NO/firefox/new/ .

When you use your phone in the EU and EEA countries, you will be billed just as if you were at home.

If you have a FRI subscription, it costs nothing extra when you call, or sends SMS / MMS to a normal, Norwegian number. The same applies if you call (or send SMS / MMS) to local, normal numbers in the EU country you are calling from. If you have a Basic or Medium subscription, you will be charged according to our price list if you exceed your package of voice, SMS and MMS, see prices on https://telipol.no/priser/ – click the Etter oppbrukt pakke.

If you call (or send SMS/MMS) to all other destinations (like Spain, Italy, USA, Thailand etc.) you will be charged with normal foreign charges. See prices here: https://telipol.no/priser – click on the Priser i utlandet.

Your included data package also applies in the EU/EEA. If you go over the package, you will be billed for exactly the same prices for data in the EU/EEA as if you were in Norway.

Update: Problem solved January 16th at 15 PM

Unfortunately, we are facing some problems downloading the invoices in pdf format to My Hudya. We guarantee that we are working intensively to fix this as soon as possible, and are so sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.

If you have signed up for e-mail invoicing, you have received the payment information in an e-mail sent from our payment partner Svea Tuesday January 14th. If you have signed up for AvtaleGiro, you will find the direct debit in your netbank.

You may see your usage by logging in to My page on telipol.no and choose Fakturagrupper:


You can see the payment status for your invoices at Min side at telipol.no.

It usually takes 1-2 business days for your payment to be registered, and customer service can also confirm if we have received your payment.

We invoice our customers at the beginning of each month with due date 14 days from date of invoice. Invoice is sent by e-mail or post. If you have AvtaleGiro, you will find the invoice in your netbank each month.

We recommend that you create an direct debit agreement (AvtaleGiro) in your bank. Go to AvtaleGiro in the netbank and look for our payment partner Hudya Data & Tele AS or eRate.

The invoice includes monthly fees in advance, and additional usage from the previous month, if any.

Account number: 1506 21 98696
(Hudya Data & Tele or eRate will come up as recipient)

KID number: Each invoice has its own KID number


IBAN: NO0815062198696

You can download a copy of your invoices (in PDF format) with details at My Hudya. Log in using Vipps or your mobile number and a one-time password you receive via SMS.

You will still see your specified usage at Min side at telipol.no.

If you want a more specified invoice, please contact customer service at kundeservice@hudya.no or tel. 21 41 56 00.

If you disagree with your invoice or have any complaints about our service, please contact customer service as soon as possible at kundeservice@hudya.no or call 21 41 56 00.

We will solve most of the inquiries within a short space of time. If there has been any error or omissions from our site, compensation will be given when the case has been resolved.

What if we do not agree?

If it happens that we do not agree, you may contact the Brukerklagenemnda (User Appeals Board), which is the appellate body for electronic communications.

Brukerklagenemnda is a neutral and independent committee of three members with great expertise in law and telecommunications. The composition of the board ensures a reasonable, fair and prompt handling of disputes between users and providers.

If you have been charged for using premium rate service numbers at your invoice, this is often calls to customer services like your bank. These premium rate service numbers have special numbers such as 5-digit numbers or 810 and 815 numbers.

You will find the specifications at your invoice stored in My Hudya.

If you want to save money on such calls in the future, you should call alternative numbers wherever you can.

Fortunately, the authorities have ordered businesses and organizations to inform their customers of a mobile or fixed number in addition to the special number. It will probably also be a price regulation of such special numbers during 2019.

A mobile content service is service delivered to or used with mobile phones and paid via mobile, usually through 4 or 5 digit numbers.

Such services are voting services (for example for TV shows like Idol) via mobile, mobile payment for ads, games, toll roads, parking, streaming services or donations to charity organizations.

Some content services are actually subscriptions, so be aware of the terms and conditions. Prices are set by the individual provider.

Hudya only bills the cost of the service and unfortunately has no control over the charges from such content services.

Where do I find information about the provider that is charging me?

You might find the number that has charged you at http://02139.info/ring/ and http://www.innholdstjenester.no/.  At these pages, you may also find the contact information for the company responsible for the content services you are charged for.

You should be able to stop most of the content services by sending STOP to the sender’s number. Each message you receive from the service provider should contain information about how to stop the service.

Can I block for further content services?

Yes. You can block your subscription for content services by contacting Hudya customer service. Call us at phone number 21 41 56 00 or send an e-mail to kundeservice@hudya.no.

In order for us to re-open your subscription, you must pay the unpaid invoice as soon as possible and send us a receipt for you payment from you netbank to kundeservice@hudya.no.

When we receive your receipt, we will open your subscription as soon as possible.

Have you recently subscribed to us and received your first invoice from Hudya?

The first invoice you receive from Hudya for your Telipol subscription is slightly different from the others to come, because we bill the subscription fee one month in advance.

For example, if you became a customer on December 15, you will pay the monthly fee for December 15. – 31., in addition to January for the first invoice. From the next invoice you will only pay the subscription fee for one month at a time.

Any use of additional services will be charged in addition to the subscription fee.

Yes, your subscription will stay exactly like it used to be at Telipol. If you had data rollover included at Telipol, you will keep that service and all other included services after the transfer to Hudya.

NB! Hudya also offers Hudya Mobile, a flexible mobile subscription, and in this subscription there is no data rollover. It is unnecessary since you pay as you go for your exact data usage.

During a transition period after December 1, you will have access to Min Side (My Page) at Telipol.no, where you will find your invoice and an overview of your data usage. We will also link directly to this page from My Hudya.

In parallel, we develop My Hudya, so you eventually can monitor everything at one place.

At Hudya, it will be much easier for you to order extra data – by SMS!

You will receive an SMS from no. 417 16 202 when you have reached 80% of the data included in your subscription.

If you want extra data, you can easily order it by replying to the SMS. You reply either 1GB, 5GB or 15GB depending on the amount you want. The price is NOK 99, 199 or 399. We will confirm your order and in a short time you may surf again.

You can at any time order extra data by sending an SMS with code 1GB, 5GB or 15GB to no.  417 16 202.

Your direct debit (AvtaleGiro) is automatically transferred from Telipol to Hudya, you don’t have to do anything.

Yes. You can still change/upgrade your subscription and choose between the different types of subscriptions after the transfer from Telipol to Hudya. You do it easily yourself at Min Side at telipol.no or you may contact customer service for help.


No, this will continue as before on your current SIM card.

Do you need help? We are here for you!

Our opening hours are three hours longer than you are used to from Telipol.

You can contact our friendly and skilled customer service from Monday to Friday between 08.00 AM to 16.00 PM.

Call tel. 21 41 56 00, send e-mail or chat with us (see the three dots at the right bottom of the page).

You may order our other services at My Hudya. 

You may also contact customer service, and we will help you to.

There will be no changes to your subscription. It will be transferred to Hudya just the way it is.

  • Prices and terms and conditions stay the same.
  • You will use the same SIM card.
  • You keep your Telenor coverage.
  • All services will stay the same.

In addition, you also get:

  • Access to skilled educators and the opportunity to save time and money on other Hudya products
  • Overview and invoices at My Hudya (from December 1st)

Hudya Group is a Norwegian group established in August 8.th 2016, with operations in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

We are challengers of today’s market, building a digital platform where we collect everyday services in one place. We want to make things easier for you, so you can save time and money and spend time on what really matters to you.

You get transparent and fair deals on everyday services, without annoying fees and long contracts.

You will no longer have to search everywhere and enter into agreements with multiple providers to get the best deals. Exept mobile, we provide great deals on power, insurance and refinancing of loans, saving you both time and money.

At My Hudya, you can log in using Vipps or a one-time password (from December 1st), and find an overview of the invoices and payment history of your mobile subscription, and all the other Hudya products you order.

It’s easy to get in touch with us. You can talk, email and chat with our friendly and effective educators.

Hudya bought Telipol’s portifolio of mobile customers.

Your subscription stayed the same, with the same terms and conditions, the same SIM card, Telenor coverage and services. You also got new benefits in our other products; power, insurance and refinancing.

Telipol og Hudya cooperated with the transfer to ensure everything went smoothly for you as a customer.

We wanted to strengthen our mobile focus and kick start our Hudya Mobile activity in Norway.

Mobile telephony is the fourth service we offer at hudya.no, and comes in addition to the services power, insurance and refinancing of loans.

Yes, you get many benefits as a Hudya customer.

Besides keeping your reasonable mobile subscription just the way you are used to, you get:

  • the opportunity to save time and money on everyday services in one place,
    power, insurance and refinancing of loans
  • an overview of your customer relationship at My Hudya (from December 1st)

You can also switch to our flexible mobile phone subscription Hudya Mobile. This subscription is connected to Telia’s network.

Hudya Mobile is great for you who have 2 GB or more in your Telipol subscription and want a flexible subscription where you pay low prices for exactly the data amount you use.

You are billed per MB, and the low prices of data decreases the more you spend.