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Welcome to Hudya!

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Welcome to Hudya

Hudya acquired Telipol’s mobile customers December 1st, 2018.

Everything stays the same

Your subscription and service remain unchanged. You have got the same prices and terms, SIM card and Telenor coverage.

We have got a new account number



  1. Hudya customer service

Customer service is available for you Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 16 PM. That is 15 hours more service per week than before.


Below we’ve answered frequently asked questions regarding the acquisition and transfer to Hudya.

NB! This FAQ only counts for customers transferred from Telipol. Click here for FAQ for Hudya Mobile customers.

All you need to know

Hudya acquired Telipol’s customers December 1st in 2018.

You can order your Telipol subscription at telipol.no.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not support My Hudya as any other browser does.

Please log in to My Hudya using another browser, such as or Chrome  download at https://www.google.com/chrome/  or Firefox  download at https://www.mozilla.org/nb-NO/firefox/new/ .

You can see the payment status for your invoices at Min side at telipol.no.

It usually takes 1-2 business days for your payment to be registered, and customer service can also confirm if we have received your payment.

You can download a copy of your invoices (in PDF format) with details when you log on at Min side at telipol.no.

If you want a more specified invoice, please contact customer service at kundeservice@hudya.no or tel. 21 41 56 00.

During a transition period after December 1, you will have access to Min Side (My Page) at Telipol.no, where you will find your invoice and an overview of your data usage. We will also link directly to this page from My Hudya.

In parallel, we develop My Hudya, so you eventually can monitor everything at one place.

Yes. You can still change/upgrade your subscription and choose between the different types of subscriptions after the transfer from Telipol to Hudya. You do it easily yourself at Min Side at telipol.no or you may contact customer service for help.


No, this will continue as before on your current SIM card.

Do you need help? We are here for you!

Our opening hours are three hours longer than you are used to from Telipol.

You can contact our friendly and skilled customer service from Monday to Friday between 08.00 AM to 16.00 PM.

Call tel. 21 41 56 00, send e-mail or chat with us (see the three dots at the right bottom of the page).

You may order our other services at My Hudya. 

You may also contact customer service, and we will help you to.

There will be no changes to your subscription. It will be transferred to Hudya just the way it is.

  • Prices and terms and conditions stay the same.
  • You will use the same SIM card.
  • You keep your Telenor coverage.
  • All services will stay the same.

In addition, you also get:

  • Access to skilled educators and the opportunity to save time and money on other Hudya products
  • Overview and invoices at My Hudya (from December 1st)

Hudya Group is a Norwegian group established in August 8.th 2016, with operations in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

We are challengers of today’s market, building a digital platform where we collect everyday services in one place. We want to make things easier for you, so you can save time and money and spend time on what really matters to you.

You get transparent and fair deals on everyday services, without annoying fees and long contracts.

You will no longer have to search everywhere and enter into agreements with multiple providers to get the best deals. Exept mobile, we provide great deals on power, insurance and refinancing of loans, saving you both time and money.

At My Hudya, you can log in using Vipps or a one-time password (from December 1st), and find an overview of the invoices and payment history of your mobile subscription, and all the other Hudya products you order.

It’s easy to get in touch with us. You can talk, email and chat with our friendly and effective educators.

Hudya bought Telipol’s portifolio of mobile customers.

Your subscription stayed the same, with the same terms and conditions, the same SIM card, Telenor coverage and services. You also got new benefits in our other products; power, insurance and refinancing.

Telipol og Hudya cooperated with the transfer to ensure everything went smoothly for you as a customer.

We wanted to strengthen our mobile focus and kick start our Hudya Mobile activity in Norway.

Mobile telephony is the fourth service we offer at hudya.no, and comes in addition to the services power, insurance and refinancing of loans.

Yes, you get many benefits as a Hudya customer.

Besides keeping your reasonable mobile subscription just the way you are used to, you get:

  • the opportunity to save time and money on everyday services in one place,
    power, insurance and refinancing of loans
  • an overview of your customer relationship at My Hudya (from December 1st)

You can also switch to our flexible mobile phone subscription Hudya Mobile. This subscription is connected to Telia’s network.

Hudya Mobile is great for you who have 2 GB or more in your Telipol subscription and want a flexible subscription where you pay low prices for exactly the data amount you use.

You are billed per MB, and the low prices of data decreases the more you spend.