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Fair electricity
prices. Always.

  • Fair pricing model
  • No hidden fees
  • Cancel anytime

Save money on your power

Our pricing model
is really simple

Spot price + mark up 6.5 øre/kWh = Your honest power price

Mark up includes: Electricity sertificate 2.5 øre/kWh, power trading 1.1 øre/kWh and Hudya's mark up 2.9 øre/kwh (incl. VAT .)

Last month's average prices


51.07 øre/kwh
Spot price

6,5 øre/kwh
Mark up

57.57 øre/kWh
Your price


51.07 øre/kwh
Spot price

6,5 øre/kwh
Mark up

57.57 øre/kwh
Your price


51.05 øre/kwh
Spot price

6,5 øre/kwh
Mark up

57.55 øre/kwh
Your price


55.17 øre/kwh
Spot price

6,5 øre/kwh
Mark up

61.67 øre/kwh
Your price


39.98 øre/kwh
Spot price

5,2 øre/kwh
Mark up

45.18 øre/kwh
Your price

All prices and mark up’s are inclusive VAT, except Tromsø (area 4 which includes Nordland, Troms and Finnmark) which has a VAT exception for electricity.

What is included in the 6.5 øre/kWh mark up?

We get your electricity price by adding our total mark up of 6.5 øre/kWh to the power spot price . The mark up concists of three components. VAT is included, except in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

Power certificate 2.5 øre/kWh
Energy trading 1.1 øre/kWh
2.9 øre/kWh 2.9 øre/kWh
Power trading

Our cost for trading Hudya’s power at the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool through our partner Energi Salg Norge.

Hudya’s mark up covers our costs and margins.

The spot price is a moving electricity price from Nord Pool (electricity exchange).

Electricity certificates are a financial support for renewables producers.


Fair price

Honestly, Hudya won’t be able to always have the lowest prices for electricity. But over time, we do deliver the most fair prices.

With us, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.


No strings attached

We have removed all the fine print and complex conditions.

We don’t have any binding periods for our contracts either. All the necessary information is stated clearly.


Digital and smooth

For your convenience, we have developed a fully digital process.

Credit card payment allows you to save time, and saves the environment from paper invoices. Our online customer service is always up and ready to serve at your demand.

Life, simplified

Who wants to deal with multiple companies to manage daily life? We provide the everyday services you need in one place.

Price and payment? This is how we do it!


We buy power at Nord Pool at spot price and add our mark up, 6.5 øre/kWH in total.


You pay a fair and predictable price for the power you use, neither more nor less. Hudya Power is completely without fees and hidden costs.


We estimate your needs based on your expected usage, this information comes from your grid provider.


We charge your card upfront for 60 % of the expected usage per month, based on the monthly variation of a consumers yearly usage. The first charge is normally when the power delivery starts. We e-mail you two days before invoicing so you know that your card will be charged. Next month, we balance everything based on your actual usage, and charge you for next month's estimated usage. This method distributes your monthly power costs more smoothly.