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Tired of guessing your
data usage? Try Hudya Mobile and pay as you go!

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Why should I choose Hudya Mobile?

It gets cheaper than a fixed price plan!

Hudya Savings pie chart
Save up to
*100% equals a year of fixed price plan

Save money with Hudya flexible data cost and get this yearly savings!

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Here's the deal

  • Free voice/SMS/MMS in Norway and EU/EEA*
  • Flexible data usage - pay as you go
  • Declining mobile data prices per MB – when you go high, we go low

Per month: 99,-

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* Applies for regular Norwegian numbers. Special numbers and overrated SMS will be charged in addition.

Our reasonable prices for mobile data shrinks the more data you spend!

Prices in Norway, EU and EEA:

  • From 0 – 250 MB: NOK 57,50 (total for interval)
  • From 250 MB – 1 GB: NOK 71,25 (total for interval)
  • From 1 – 2 GB: NOK 71,68/GB
  • From 2 – 5 GB: NOK 30,72/GB
  • From 5 – 10 GBNOK 16,38/GB.
  • Over 10 GBNOK 9,22 per GB.

Do you often end up using either
more or less mobile data than your data plan?

You are not alone! In the long run, it gets really expensive to either pay high rates for over-usage or for data you don’t use.

With our flexible subscription Hudya Mobile, you pay as you go for the exact amount of data you use each month. We use Telia’s 4G network.

You’ll no longer have to guess how much data you need. And you will never run out of data and pay insane prices for over-usage.

The flexible mobile subscription!

  • Don't worry about your data usage anymore
  • Pay per MB as you go
  • Enjoy free voice, SMS and MMS in Norway and EU/EEA in Telias's network
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International calls or calling when abroad?

Check prices for calling to other countries and roaming abroad.

Do you need help?

We are developing our platform so you get easy access to the everyday services you need.

Have you got any questions, comments or good ideas you want to share with us?

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Your flexible data,
month by month

Hudya Mobile one yearof usage agaist competitors

Savings against 12GB package: kr 898

This is what you pay!

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Free voice/SMS/MMS included

0 GB
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You’ll pay kr 99.00
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