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Hudya Data Policy

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The words that begin with capital letters below are defined in Hudya’s (Hudya Group AS) User Agreement (Terms and Conditions of Use).

Hudya Group AS needs to gather personal data about the Supporter as part of its work to offer and provide our services. This Data Protection Declaration explains everything you need to know about why and how information is collected about you and how we intend to handle such information. The Data Protection Declaration includes and protects all the personal data we have on you to provide our services.

The content of a service is described in detail in our User Agreement. The User Agreement lays out the terms and conditions of use for our services. This agreement is available online here.

1 – What information do we need?

Hudya needs the following information to provide its Services:

  1. Personal data, meaning information and evaluations that can be associated with a natural person, including but not limited to first name and surname, age, gender, date of birth and personal identity number (when necessary to ensure identify), credit card information or other financial information, permanent address or another physical address, emails or other contact information as well as information that relates to the natural person’s home address or place of work etc.
  2. Information that is collected by way of Hudya’s webpages, meaning non-personal information collected through data tracking such as through the use of cookies (please read Item 2 regarding this point). Examples of information that can be collected may include: which browser you use, which third-party website connects you to our website, search words that you type on our website, specific pages you visit, how much time you spend on the website at any given time, your IP address (the number that identifies your computer on your network) and other information about your computer. Hudya can also archive your IP address for the purpose of system administration (in order to calculate how many users visited a webpage). Your IP address will only be archived while you visit our website, after which it is either deleted or anonymised (last digits in the number are removed).

2 – Cookies

We will occasionally use cookies (including permanent cookies that remain on your device) and other tracking technology (“Cookies”), which are small files stored on your computer used to gather information while you visit Hudya’s website, such as which specific parts of the website you use. We gather this information to improve the content of our site and the services we offer, and to be able to alter our website and services to suit your needs. Cookies can also help a webpage function better and make it faster the next time you visit it.

Cookies do not gather personal data about you unless you choose to share this information with Hudya. When you provide us with personal data we will not connect that information to cookies unless you provide specific consent to do so.

You can set your browser to detect and remove cookies. If you choose not to accept the use of cookies you risk not gaining access to all the features on our website. You can find more information about cookies in the help section of your browser.

3 – What is the purpose of gathering personal data?

Hudya uses the personal data you give us or the data we gather using cookies for the following purpose:

  1. as part of our obligation to satisfy the terms of our agreement, or to change or terminate agreements on your behalf with our service providers;
  2. to improve the services we offer, the content of our webpages, as well as other relevant platforms;
  3. for internal statistics, for marketing and for administrative purposes such as understanding user demography, user interests and purchasing preferences and to learn about the characteristics of our customers, as well as other internal uses;
  4. to best answer your questions and enquiries;
  5. to notify you about new and old products and services offered by Hudya or its subsidiaries and the service suppliers with which Hudya cooperates,
  6. to inform you about the changes we make to our website, either stated in the User Agreement or in the Data Protection Declaration;
  7. to prevent and protect our customers from violations to our rules for data protection or to the User Agreement, and to investigate such violations or possible criminal acts or threats against our legal rights or the rights of others;
  8. to comply with current laws and legislation;
  9. for all other purposes either described in the Data Protection Declaration or obligations imposed on us by statute, regulation or legal processes, or when we inform you about a particular objective.

The handling of personal data requires your consent, or based on other legal grounds. Consent can be granted upon enquiry from us and/or that you voluntarily send information to us through our website or other the relevant platforms for our services. You may withdraw consent at any time, in whole or part, by sending an email to kundeservice@hudya.no. The information will not be archived longer than necessary and only for the purpose of Hudya achieving the stated objectives.

4 – Who has access to your personal data?

Hudya acts as the Data Controller where personal data is concerned regarding all information gathered about your person and is responsible for protecting your personal data.
Hudya can share this information with other companies in the Hudya Group to achieve the objectives listed in Item 3.

Hudya may also send your personal data to our suppliers and subsuppliers on assignment for Hudya to provide our services to you, yet only to the extent necessary to offer those services. The suppliers and subsuppliers may only use the personal data to satisfy their contractual obligations with Hudya and to carry out their assignment.

Hudya will share your personal data with other the data controllers of suppliers that offer the services you ordered as a Supporter of Hudya and in order for Hudya to satisfy its contractual obligation with you. The data controllers of our suppliers are required to handle your personal data in accordance with that stated on the Data Protection Declaration.

5 – Safeguarding your personal data

Hudya has enacted sufficient safety mechanisms – including physical, technical and organizational systems – to hinder unauthorised persons from accessing, altering or disclosing the personal data we have been entrusted with. Only authorised employees and collaborative partners that need access to your personal data to carry out their work or assignments are granted access to personal data.

6 – Links to other webpages

Our website will occasionally contain links to the webpages of other companies etc. You will be leaving Hudya’s website by clicking on one of those hyperlinks. These third-party websites have their own data protection declarations which determine how their sites operate and how data is gathered and handled. Hudya is not responsible nor liable for any third-party webpages, nor how they are operated or how they manage personal data. We recommend that you read the information available on those third-party websites regarding data protection and user conditions when you visit or use those sites.

7 – Changes

Hudya will occasionally make changes to the Data Protection Declaration. An updated version of Hudya’s Data Protection Declaration will always be available on internet, on Hudya’s website. You are encouraged to visit our webpage occasionally to read any updates or changes to the Declaration. We will notify you if any changes to the Data Protection Declaration require your consent.

By using Hudya’s Service, you agree to electronic communication, notification and publication of any revisions and changes to the Data Protection Declaration on our webpages, and agrees that the electronic notification or publication of revised versions of webpages are valid as a notification of said changes.

8 – Questions and enquiries about notification, right to review or changes to personal data

Feel free to contact us if you: (a) have any questions or comments concerning our Data Protection Declaration, (b) want to review the personal data we have archived about you, (c) if you want to correct any information we have archived about you or to delete this information, (d) if you no longer wish to receive emails from us such as newsletters etc., (e) if you want to withdraw your consent for collection or handling, use or sharing your personal data with third-parties.

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