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Hudya Group will be listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange!

After considering various paths for further growth, we at Hudya Group AS have finally landed on one single track.

We’re going to be listed!

We have selected Nasdaq First North in Stockholm for our listing, and we will be listed in Q4 2019.

We believe, with our profile as a growing fintech company with great ambitions, that the Swedish Nasdaq First North is a perfect match for Hudya, being the stock exchange for early-stage companies in growth. Fintech is very popular for Swedish, hungry investors and stock buyers since few in this segment are listed on the stock exchange.

Help from experts

The listing of Hudya Group AS is made possible by a capitalization process where we the last year have been in dialogue with several strong Swedish investors.

During this exciting, time-consuming and energizing process we have had great dialogue and collaboration with Johannes Falk and Erik Nerpin at the Swedish private equity company Blasieholmen Investment Group (BIG).

The Stockholm-based investment network specializes at investment in growth companies that will be listed on the stock exchange within 2 years. BIG has had many successes, and they are very pleased to have been given a unique opportunity to enter a new, growing fintech company on the stock exchange.

In fact, many fintech growth companies are bought by well-established finance companies, often banks. This way, the innovation that began as a fresh and free start-up is quickly swallowed by the established machinery in the fintech industry.

Understandable, but certainly not desirable for us in this phase.

Guarantees are given

We have raised guarantees from Swedish investors to ensure the completion of our IPO. In addition, we have got three well-known Swedish investors on board !

At the same time, we have hired a reputable Norwegian financing and consulting company to assists us with the important capitalization process towards Norwegian investors up to the IPO.

There are many pieces that need to fall in place, many people to contribute and a lot of work to be done before we are ready to ring the bell at our IPO.

But one thing is certain:

We are more than are ready to roll up our sleeves and do what it takes!

This is definitely going to be an incredibly exciting and fun autumn season for the entire Hudya Group!