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Yes, all roads do lead to Rome!

These days, the Hudya machinery is rolling faster and faster. Our mix of digital and AI resources in combination with great systems and warm hands turns out to be really smart. In fact, July was fantastic for Hudya!

Ever since we saw the light of day three years ago, we have experienced how the same outcome can be reached by various methods. It is true that all roads lead to Rome (or sales!).

This philosophy is important for the Hudya culture, where everybody counts.

Every day, Hudyans in various positions constantly test and learn to find the best way to tell our story and promote our vision and products through digital, social and personal channels.

This mix of techniques and use of different resources are really valuable for us, and our effort is starting to create great results.

It is beginning to look a lot like…..success

Lazy July turned out to be a great month for us! We got 700 new Hudya Mobile customers, and we are really happy that so many new people noticed our company’s name, people, platform, products and vision.

Some highlights:

1. Our Digital Acquisition Manager Erlend Nilsen tested various Facebook ads, promoting all our Mobile Products. These ads worked very well, convincing many new customers to switch to Hudya Mobile. We also sold our other products. The ads reached 156.826 and was exposed to 509.000 individuals. 3765 clicked on our links. As a result, we received 3/4 of the advertising costs we spent in July within 30 days! The long term calculated ROI is an uplifting 159,99 %.

We had an successful summer campaign.

2. Those who clicked on our ads during July, were routed to our pages where they met our digital AI chatbots promoting all our mobile products and explaining the different offers available. Our Tech Team constantly customize and tweak the bot dialogue to be as precise as possible, creating a seamless and smooth ordering process.

Our digital AI chatbot promotes Hudya’s mobile products and explains the content of our various subscriptions.

3. In mid-July, our CEO Børge Leknes was interviewed when we released the news regarding our merge with FinTech favourite Payr. This way, we got a lot of attention and PR in Norwegian, Nordic and international press. It turned out that our founders’ mobile phones never stopped ringing after that…… Investors and possible partners are curious, so to speak.

After our PM on the merger with Payr, our founders’ phones never stopped ringing. Here is our captain and CEO Børge Leknes mixing business with pleasure in one of this summer’s many phone calls.

4. During July, many of our new customers got in touch with our refreshed customer service staff. They kindly welcomed our newbies and informed them about our platform and services. These activities created a lot of leads for insurance and refinancing. The last week of July, the educators on training even managed an all-time high customer satisfaction rate at 92 %!

The last week of July, our fresh customer service team reached an all-time high customer satisfaction score at 92%!

5. Up North in Tromsø and Bodø, our skilled insurance educators managed to strike while the iron was hot, calling all insurance leads as soon as possible. Several of our new employees really impressed us too! This effective follow-up on leads led to an impressive increase of 388% compared to last year’s sales results for July.

Three of our skilled insurance advisers in Bodø are cheering for all-time high sales in July.

We love Monday!

These great results of all our simultaneous activities confirm how all roads lead to Rome.

Another reason for our success this summer, is that we have improved the communication flow between our different divisions and activities. Everything is connected as a perfect machinery.

To manage and administrate this machinery, our Customer Experience Manager Pablo Verano has customized Monday, our flexible lead follow-up system, to better suit our needs. We log leads and activities, making it possible for all our divisions to monitor the customer follow-up and output.

This way, we can be hands on all the time,  performing fast, effective and customer friendly cross selling.

No wonder we love Monday!