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Keep Calm and Carry On

Hudya’s platform is counter-cyclical, attracting both consumers and investors in economically turbulent times.

We are in a period of economic turbulence for both individuals and investors. We have seen large movements at the stock exchanges, the interest rates are on their way up and there is generally a lot of uncertainty out there. Potential trade wars, Brexit and an arrest in Canada are also affecting the economy negatively.

As Hudya represents a counter-cyclical platform, we actually achieve many positive results in this phase we are now entering.

It’s not the first time

Looking back, we see that ever since the monetary economy was established, there have been several waves of growth and optimism followed by tighter times. Hence, it is vice to take a look at what consumers, buyers and investors should do in periods of economical turbulence. How should they act?

Profitable everyday services

In economic downturns, the insurance companies often experience better results. There are fewer accidents during downturns and profitability generally improves for the insurance industry. This is positive for Hudya Group, having significant activity in the insurance sector.

In tougher times where the interest rate increases, people become more aware of their actual rates. Hudya already profit from activities related to refinancing of loans, and we see the effects of the recession in terms of large activity in this area for Hudya Group.

In times like this, consumers and businesses are being more careful and more concerned with the prices of their services. This fits Hudya perfectly, since we already have low costs, full transparency and no hidden fees, and offer our customers the opportunity to save time and money collecting several services in one place.

Look to Hudya – Carry on

For consumers, these turbulent times are a golden opportunity to do reasonable purchases and choice of supplier. We help our customers with issues like this on a daily basis, offering them a safer, cheaper and easier everyday life.

Experienced investors know perfectly well that it’s often in recession that the big assets are created! By investing in counter-cyclical businesses it may be possible to achieve a high return of investment, even if the stock market and the capital market are generally struggling.

Anyway, Hudya Group continues the journey with further investments in our platform, technology, partnership and possible acquisitions!